“Guided by principles of accountability, integrity, transparency, and justice, I know how to improve and modernize the way DA’s conduct business. It’s past time to rebuild trust between law enforcement and the communities we serve.”

You can help

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Anthony Parisi grew up in Dutchess County, attending Millbrook’s public schools. He then studied at Fordham University and Western New England Law School where he developed his commitment to public service. Anthony and his wife, Sinead McLoughlin, are raising their two daughters in the Town of Beekman. He began his career in the Dutchess County Public Defender’s office representing those who are often most in need yet have the fewest resources. Four years later Anthony joined the County District Attorney’s office. Over the course of 25 years he has been promoted twice and now serves as chief of the Major Crimes Bureau.

Anthony’s Priorities

  • Make communities safer by working smarter, preventing crime before it happens.
  • Improve transparency to increase public trust and ensure accountability.
  • Create healthy families and communities to reduce  violence tomorrow, while healing those traumatized by violence today.
  • Take action to keep our schools and daycare centers safe in the face of rising gun violence in America’s schools.
  • Adopt zero tolerance for hate and associated crimes that tear the social fabric.
  • Improve justice for youth by balancing community safety with what we know about their decision-making abilities and the consequences of harsh punishment.
  • Appoint a conviction integrity unit to investigate fact-based wrongful conviction claims to address past wrongs and ensure justice for all.