Brendan was born and raised in Dutchess County. His father, a corrections officer at Green Haven; his mother, an elementary school teacher in Wappingers; and his Roman Catholic faith taught him the importance of helping others.

Brendan graduated from Arlington High School in 1996. In 2001, he  earned a degree in secondary social studies education from the College of St. Rose.

Brendan started as a leave replacement at Hyde Park’s FDR High School in 2002 and accepted a full-time teaching position at Arlington High in 2003, where he works today.

Brendan met his wife, Katie, on a blind date at the Eveready Diner. They married in 2013 and have a son who will enter first grade at  North Park Elementary grade this fall. Brendan’s family, faith, and friends continue to guide him on his mission of public service.

I believe in the power of public service and am excited at the prospect of representing our community again. When I served in the County Legislature in 2021, I saw firsthand how county government can improve the daily lives of Hyde Park residents.

Reach Brendan

On Instagram, @LawlerHydePark. On Facebook. By phone, 845-478-6118, or email,

Brendan’s Priorities

Fiscal Oversight. The County Legislature authorizes an annual budget of more than $500 million but performs little fiscal oversight. We need a fiscal oversight committee to analyze whether current programs designed to resolve social problems like mental health and drug addiction are working, whether cost overruns in capital projects are symptomatic of poor management or other problems. We need to ask hard questions of department heads to gain the information needed o create good policy.

Education.  As an educator, I know the importance of preparing students to be engaged  contributors to our community. We need to increase funding for Dutchess Community College and expand our partnerships with Dutchess BOCES and other public and private higher education institutions to develop the home-grown labor force we need now and in the future. Properly designed workforce development programs can provides middle-class opportunities for our youth and the skilled labor that businesses need.

Labor. As an active union member and strong union advocate, I understand that labor is the backbone of our community and local economy. Workers shop and dine at local businesses and keep the economy going. The public sector is also critical to our communities and privatization of public services should be halted. Fair contracts should be offered and negotiated in good faith in recognition of hard work.

Economic development and business growth. Small businesses are essential to our community and infrastructure is critical to helping develop home-grown companies and attract new investment. With an incentive-based work force training program we could attract more manufacturers of green energy components. If we expand access to broadband, we can also become a hub for green energy research and development. Investment in infrastructure and prudent incentives can help ensure that local labor is hired and could ultimately bring higher paying jobs to the county.

Additional Experience

Arlington Teachers’ Association, Community Action Committee Co-Chair (2016-Present)  * North Park PTA Member (2021-Present)  *  Chair, Hyde Park Audit Committee (2017-2020)  * Hyde Park Zoning Board of Appeals (2017-2020)