Chris grew up in Clinton Corners, Dutchess County, where his family instilled in him a commitment to service and hard work. He graduated from the Millbrook School, where his mother worked as a counselor and administrator, enabling Chris to attend as a day student on scholarship. Private school wasn’t otherwise in the cards. After high school, Chris served as an assistant teacher in Americorps and then attended Vassar College.

Growing up in Dutchess County provided Chris with a solid foundation that brought him great success in the business world. He worked his way up to become a business executive in digital marketing, where he led teams, oversaw $100M+ budgets, and negotiated major deals with Fortune 500 companies. Over his 20+ year career in the private sector, Chris demonstrated his strategic leadership and ability to build relationships and coalitions. These skills will serve Dutchess County well when he is elected.

Chris is running because Northern Dutchess needs an advocate who makes sure our tax dollars go to the critical services and infrastructure our communities need. He believes we must address the housing crisis and build infrastructure that prepares us for a changing climate. Our rural towns need reliable emergency services and broadband. Chris is deeply concerned about how our tax dollars have been managed by the County under entrenched Republican leadership, and is running to bring new leadership to Dutchess County.

Chris lives in Stanford with his partner, Eric. After growing up gay and coming out in his mid-twenties, Chris is committed to supporting LGBTQ+ youth and ensuring that our schools and communities work for everyone.

Chris’s priorities

Emergency services  *  Fiscal responsibility  *  Broadband access  *  Housing affordability  * Infrastructure improvements  *  Mental health services  * Public education  *  Services for seniors

Reach Chris  *  845-868-2188  *  Instagram: @chrisdrago2023 * Facebook: @chrisdrago2023 * Website: