Dutchess County Democratic Committee

Chair: Michael Dupree, michaelsdf@aol.com
Vice Chair: Sarah Brannen, vicechair@dutchessdems.com
Treasurer: Vincent Pedi, treasurer@dutchessdems.com
Secretary: Gillian Smith, secretary@dutchessdems.com

Dutchess County has a wide range of public and private agencies that can assist with emergencies and day-to-day problems. Getting help when you need it is a list of contacts for first responders, 24-hour help lines, groups addressing mental health and substance abuse, domestic abuse, and much more.

Local Democratic committees

Amenia, Polly Pitts-Garvin, Chair, pittsgarvin@gmail.com

Beacon, Lisa Jessup, Chair, thistlerocket@gmail.com

Beekman, Barbara Walsh, Chair, voteblueorelse@gmail.com

Clinton, Sam Moyer, Chair, townofclintondemocrats@gmail.com

Dover, Jill Fieldstein, Chair, jillfieldstein@gmail.com

East Fishkill, Jacquelyn Cruz, Chair, jacquelyndcruz@gmail.com

Fishkill, Joseph Buono, Chair, jbuono16@gmail.com

Hyde Park, Carole Pickering, Chair, capckp@yahoo.com

LaGrange, no chair at this time

Milan, Russell Frehling, Chair, frehling@frontiernet.net

North East, Jon Yard Arnason, Chair, jarnason@msn.com

Pawling, Tom Rose, Chair, TomR5@aol.com

Pine Plains, Jim Petrie, Chair, jmpetrie@earthlink.net

Pleasant Valley, Bryan Bopp, Chair, boppbry@yahoo.com

City of Poughkeepsie, Nina Boyd, Chair, ninaboyd@aol.com

Town of Poughkeepsie, Kelly Lappan, Chair, kelly.lappan@gmail.com

Red Hook, Sarah Imboden, Chair, sdimboden@gmail.com

Rhinebeck, Warren Smith, Chair, wtsaia@frontier.com

Stanford, Michael Shafer, Chair, jmshafer02@outlook.com

Union Vale, Michael Tucci, Chair, tooch1@optonline.net

Wappinger, Robin Licari, Town Chair, robinlicari427@gmail.com;
Bridget Gannon, Village Chair, bridgetcgt@aol.com

Washington, Cecilia Collopy, ceciliacollopy@gmail.com

Hudson Valley Strong logo.

Hudson Valley Strong is an Indivisible-aligned group. We are neighbors acting together to protect our people, our values, and our environment through individual action and in coalition. We advocate for Democratic candidates and issues to protect and strengthen our community at all levels.

We have strength in numbers. We act on our own and with others in our community in order to increase the strength of all our voices. We educate ourselves about issues and share that information with our members.

We focus on the long haul. We keep our eyes on our objectives and keep our spirits up in community with each other and people of like mind far and wide.

We believe that our votes are our voices and fair elections are the key to keeping our democracy STRONG.