Congratulations to all for campaigns well run.

County Candidates

Pictured below, left to right candidates for:

Family Court Judge: James Rogers

District Attorney: Anthony Parisi

County Clerk: Kenya Gadsden

County Executive: Tommy Zurhellen

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Legislative District Candidates

Click on a name to learn more about a candidate. (Incumbents are marked with an asterisk.) Don’t know your district? Get the map.

District 1, Town of Poughkeepsie, Giancarlo Llaverias *

District 4, Hyde Park, Brendan Lawler

District 5, Town of Poughkeepsie, Linda Haas Manley

District 6, Town of Poughkeepsie, Lisa Kaul

District 8, City & Town of Poughkeepsie, Craig Brendli *

District 9, City of Poughkeepsie, Randy Johnson *

District 10, City of Poughkeepsie, Assistant Minority Leader Barrington R. Atkins *

District 11, Rhinebeck & Clinton, Brennan Kearney *

District 13, East Fishkill, LaGrange, & Wappinger, Kathleen Dailey

District 16, Fishkill & Beacon, Minority Leader Yvette Valdés Smith *

District 18, Beacon & Fishkill, Nick Page *

District 19, North East, Stanford, Pine Plains, & Milan, Chris Drago

District 20, Red Hook & Tivoli, Kristofer Munn *

District 21, East Fishkill, Eric Eckley